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Approved by AICTE, New Delhi, Recognized by Govt. of Maharashtra.
Affiliated to North Maharshtra University, Jalgaon
N.H.No.6, Sakegaon - Bhusawal
College DTE Code- MB5321 ,  ISO - 9001 - 2015 Certified



Kai.Yashodabai Dagadu Saraf


Perspective/Strategic Plan for 2021-2025 During the past decade, management education has undergone immense changes. While the demand for excellent quality education has increased steadily, the number of management institutes students and faculty. It is essential in this dynamic environment to determine the strategic objectives and quantifiable targets, measuring the performances of the predetermined indicators, and monitor & evaluate the strategic plan. It is a participative approach that enables the institute to prioritize the resources in accordance with the objectives mentioned in the strategic plan. Strategic plan is an important tool for a institute to manage itself effectively because it: provides a framework for effectiveness and sense of direction

  • Outlines the goals and measurable targets
  • It is useful for guiding day-to-day actions
  • Helps in evaluating progress and changing approaches when moving forward
  • It is an iterative process at both the stages, i.e., while framing and when implementing

The institute Strategic Plan for 2021-2025 is designed to systematically evolve the academic, research and development, administration and infrastructure development plans for the institute.

Long range Goals:
  • To build and promote teams of experts in the upcoming specializations.

  • To achieve total financial independence.

  • Strive for centre of excellence in all disciplines of the institute

  • To commence a business incubation centre to improve the competitiveness and survival instincts of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises – MSME and to encourage student entrepreneurs. To set off an industry comprising of 2000 workforces to commercialize innovative ideas on new Products, Processes and services

  • Create conducive environment for top class education, development and extension

  • Develop collaborative arrangements with premier institutions in India and abroad

  • Become a world class role model institute to attract international faculty and students

  • To start on-line transfer of knowledge in appropriate technology by means of establishing multipurpose resource canters

Short range Goals:
  • To keep faculty members abreast with the latest trends and developments in Research, Technology and Teaching methodologies especially through interaction, by sending them to other premier Institutions for research and by conducting AICTE-ISTE sponsored STTPs in our own College.

  • To motivate the faculty to remain exposed to the Industrial processes & activities.

  • At least 40% of the students should graduate with Distinction/Honors in all MBA specialization branches.

  • To arrange Special classes for rural students for improving their Communication Skills.

  • College with rural roots excels in games and we shall strive to produce at least one (may be two! ) national level players in two years

  • To achieve overall development of students and society

  • To develop strong relations with industries, institutes and society

  • To promote competitive merit and excellence as the sole guiding criterion in overall development of students.


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