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Approved by AICTE, New Delhi, Recognized by Govt. of Maharashtra.
Affiliated to North Maharshtra University, Jalgaon
N.H.No.6, Sakegaon - Bhusawal
College DTE Code- MB5321 ,  ISO - 9001 - 2015 Certified



Kai.Yashodabai Dagadu Saraf


Maintenance of Water bodies and Distribution system in the campus:

The water bodies are maintained regularly so as to provide sustainable, consistent, economic safe and adequate water to the campus. The main objective of the maintenance is to provide diseases free environment. In the campus, the process of Chlorination will be carried out to kill bacteria, viruses and other microbes present in water. Mainly it is carried out to prevent the spread of water borne diseases like cholera, dysentery and typhoid etc.


The distribution of water is done through well equipped system of pipes. By the process of organization and Reverse Osmosis, the water is treated as drinking water and supplied through a separate type of distribution system and other set of distribution pipes are used for all other activities. By using Low flow plumbing fixtures, the wastage of water is highly reduced. All the collaborator of the college are educated and motivated about the importance and the usage of water in the campus. Scheduled Inspection of machineries is done in daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis in the campus. In order to avoid leakages and to prevent wastage of water, overall distribution system in the campus is well maintained and supervised by Maintenance of KYDSCT’s IMS, Sakegaon.

A favorite haunt of students during off hours is the spacious and well-designed canteen with a suitable aesthetic touch. The canteen has a modern kitchen with the latest appliances to provide for Indian and Chinese cuisine. The interior is tastefully crafted to provide the much needed relief and soothing environment.


Features of Canteen

Facilities Provided

Adequate & Well-furnished Canteen with proper Ventilation

07 Nos. Square Table with 35 seating capacity

Chillers& Freezer Facilities

RO, UV Water Purifier with Water Cooler

CCTV Surveillance

Fire Extinguishers

Fully Wi-Fi Connected

Laptop & Mobile Charging Point

Drinking Water Facility
KYDSCT’s IMS has made all the necessary arrangements for providing clean and pure drinking water to the students and all staff. Each drinking water point has a branded water purifier for the uninterrupted supply of water.
Drinking Water Cooler Water Purification Water Purification Water Purification1

Water Purification: The drinking water is purified by the water purifier installed within the Academic block.

Cold Water: During summer, fresh and pure drinking water is provided to the students and staff through the Water Cooler. It is to ensure that the students and staffs of the Institute remain hydrated during scorching heat along with sound health.

The Maintenance Committee regularly checks the functioning of water purifier and water cooler. Proper repair and replacement are done in order to ensure pure and safe drinking water for all. As a healthy practice only pure and fresh water is allowed for cooking in the Institute canteen.


KYDSCT’s Institute of Management and Science, Sakegaon provides special facilities for the differently abled students to provide them opportunities to adopt quality education and to bring them into the mainstream of the society.

1. Wheel Chair Facility:

KYDSCT’s IMS has a social responsibility and perception that disabled students should be respected and treated as a normal human being. The wheel chair facility is provided for disabled students.

2. Ramps and Railings:

KYDSCT’s IMS has a special facility of ramp and rails for the differently abled students. Near the main entrances the ramp is clearly identifiable and easily accessible. It can accommodate wheelchair users. Floor steps and ramps have hand railings for support.

3. Special Toilets, Rest Rooms and Class Rooms:

Modified Toilets, rest rooms and class rooms (including laboratories) are available at ground floor to facilitate the visits of differently abled students.

Ramp Toilet ims Wheel Chair Wheel Chair

  • To keep our students and faculty abreast of the latest developments in their respective field of study, the institute has state-of-the-art campus network with 300 Mbps Broad Bandline Internet connection that offers round the clock unlimited access of Internet.

  • Internet facility is available for all systems in the whole campus.

  • The entire campus is optically networked between buildings and cable within the buildings for connectivity.

  • In addition, Wi-Fi facility is provided in all the buildings, Canteen, are also provided with internet facility through Wi-Fi.

  • This helps students and faculty to enrich their world-wide knowledge for their educational and research need.

Vehicle Parking

KYDSCT’s IMS provides on the premises ample parking for two wheelers and four wheelers vehicles for students and the staff. There is separate car parking space for students and teachers. But those who park their vehicles have to abide by certain rules and restrictions.



At all time, for instance, speed limit norms need to be followed. Honking horns is strictly prohibited. All vehicles brought inside the Institute campus are required to have all the relevant documents as prescribed under the law.

Solar Energy Initiatives:
KYDSCT’S Institute of Management and science, Sakegaon has decided move away from fossil fuels and create a 100 percent renewable energy system to become self sufficient. To power the campus with 100 percent renewable energy, IMS has objective to reduce its energy consumption, obtaining its electricity from renewable energy sources particularly Solar Energy and meeting its heating, cooling and other building energy needs with electricity.

KYDSCT’s IMS has enough renewable energy potential to power the institute load. It is proved that high penetrations of renewable energy are possible using technologies available today at costs that KYDSCT’s IMS can afford, indicating that we can move toward an energy system powered by 100 percent renewable energy. KYDSCT’s IMS campuses are great places to accelerate the transition to 100 percent renewable energy.


In view of above, as a first step, KYDSCT’s Institute of Management and Science, Sakegaon has installed 10.35 kW capacity solar power plant on its campus. i.e. 10.35 kW solar power plant at roof top of MBA building. The system was commissioned and put into operation since 1st March 2023.

Policy on Green Campus

The initiatives of KYDSCT’s Institute of management and Science Sakegaon are devoted to champion the conservation and promotion of life on earth.

Standard Operating Procedure of Green Campus for operational practice developed to control the pollutant discharges by using routine maintenance procedures for mowing and debris control.

Environmental Audit 22-23 - Click Here

Green Audit 22-23 - Click Here



STEP 1: Plants/Tree Care: Regular watering of plants and lawn. Pruning of trees and plants/shrubs as and when required. Regular mowing and sweeping of lawn. Removal of garden refuse from garden to the designated place. Conversion of garden garbage to compost its use as manure. Encourage plantation of seasonal flowers and trees. Report damage/compromise to landscape areas or bare areas void of vegetation that may result in sediment being transported off site; prepare a repair schedule and implement repairs fortnightly.

STEP 2: Lawn Care and Signage in Garden proper maintenance of garden benches, if any. Educate students to respect the utility of the lawns. Classify trees and plants by proper signage and prepare report monthly.


Site Engineer instruct to supervisor of the Garden about gardening maintenance.
Supervisor instruct to labour (Maali) about gardening maintenance.
Green campuses I/C prepare a report based on site Engineer report and submit to the Campus Director/ Principal.


30 KVA Generator has been fixed in the campus.
generators with capacity of each 30 KVA facilitate the required power backup for the whole college, where as laboratories are supported with a backup of 20KVA.



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